Alen T300 HEPA UV Tower Air Purifier Review

Alen ar purifiers have been known for their style, dependability, efficiency and affordability through the years. The Alen T300 HEPA UV Tower air purifier is the latest to join this elite list of products.  It works well and will help you and your family breathe easy.
Features of the Alen T300 Purifier

Alen T300 Purifier

This air purifier can remove up to 99.97% of all allergens, pollen, cat dander, smoke, spores and molds present in air. If you or somebody in your family suffers from allergies or asthma then investing in this unit can save you a lot of grief.
HEPA Filters

This air purifier has genuine HEPA filters which are undoubtedly the most efficient filters in the market. There are 2 HEPA filters that are used in the T300 for effective purification of air. There is also a foam pre filter, this catches most of the bigger particles reducing the load on the HEPA filters and ensuring their longer life. This pre filter can be easily removed and washed.
Negative Ion Ionizer

It is a well known fact that Ozone is bad for our lungs and also for the environment around us. It is this consideration that has made Alen make a purifier with an ionizer that does not produce any Ozone. The negative ions produced by the ionizer attach themselves to the smaller particles and make them big enough to be caught by the filters. This also removes all the odors from the house.
UV lamp

This Alen best air purifier comes equipped with a UV lamp that is capable of killing all biological contaminants include bacteria and mold. This is a very valuable feature as it helps you fight airborne diseases better.
Other Features That Make This Air Purifier a Great Buy

A filter replacement indicator turns on whenever the HEPA filter needs a replacement ensuring that you do not forget this important though minor task. The noise levels at low speed are almost non existent making this purifier a preferred choice.
Pros of the T300

Original HEPA filters capable of removing 99.97% of impurities from air
Quiet at low speeds
No ozone emitted
Stylish design

Cons of the T300

The filters need to be replaced intermittently

What Customers Say About This Alen Air Cleaner

There are a number of happy customers who have been using this product for some time. They find this filter very affordable yet efficient. A number of families suffering from allergy problems are now able to breathe better thanks to the Alen T300 air purifier. The fact that it requires filter replacement can be a little irritating at times, however the filters are quite economical and easily available.
What We Think

The Alen T300 HEPA UV tower air purifier is a definite buy if you are looking for a healthier home environment to breathe in. It is extremely affordable yet efficient enough to remove almost all the impurities from the air. Unlike other air purifiers this product does not consume too much energy either.