The difference between silicone based lubes and water based lubes

When it comes to sexual performance, lubrication plays an important role in enjoying sex to the fullest. Most women, who do not get enough natural lubrication in their vagina with sexual stimulation, tend to experience painful penetrative sex. Sometimes this pain can steal charm from your sexual pleasure and give you a hard time enjoying lovemaking.

personal-lubes-comparisonMost people will prefer water based lubricants because of their mild reactions to the skin. The main ingredient of the water based lubricant is glycerin. The property of the glycerin is that it can remove the yeast deposit from the vagina and make it free from infections. The water based is so providing a very thin layer of the skin which is capable of giving a realistic lubrication. Even though the wet lubes so thin, they are also providing lasting lavish lubrication, and the couple will feel just like that of a marathon race!

Silicone lubes on the market have good lubrication, which can help in reducing the discomfort and pain during penetration. There are other safe and effective methods of lubrication that can help you enjoy ecstatic lovemaking. Anal lubricants are usually recommended for couples, who want to enjoy anal sex without any problem in penetration. In simple words, lubricants are specifically formulated to reduce painful friction around the penile shaft or vaginal walls. They are categorized as silicone based, water based, and flavored.

astroglide-water-based-lube astroglide-water-based-lubeThough silicone-based lubricants work for the longer time than water-based, they are comparatively expensive. Usually, they are best known as anal lubricants. Couples, who prefer oral sex, can use water-based lubes that are flavored and can be used with a condom.

The water based lubricants do not need to wash off with soap. They can be removed by just rubbing it with the hand in water since it will easily dilute in water. These lubricants will not be having any wax or any fat content. They are light as velvet and mostly recommended for using during sexual intercourse. They also contain optimal level of pH that enables a struggle free flow for the sperm inside the crevices mucus.

Reduce pain during sex

The dryness around the vaginal walls can lead to painful sexual intercourse. Even with the tight but dry vagina, penile thrusting can exert pressure and cause pain for both men and women. If the length and the girth of the penis are large, the friction created around the vaginal walls can be immense, which makes it painful yet pleasurable. Though some women enjoy sex by tolerating this pain, others find it unbearable to the extent that they even lost interest in sex.

When it comes to anal sex, due to tightly compacted anal muscles, the penetration becomes a difficult task without proper lubrication. This can eventually lead to a lot of pain and discomfort for both men and women. A proper anal relaxing spray can help in relaxing the muscles for easy penetration without exerting any pressure or causing pain. You have to be compatible with the condoms and sex toys to use this spray without any risks.


5 Fascinating Materials For Dildos

In every area of life, it is the little things that make the difference. The cherry on top of your ice-cream – the mint sprigs on top of your julep, and the candles next to your bathtub all make a pretty ordinary experience into something that remains in your memory for quite a while! When you’re thinking about treating yourself, why not look into varying the little things on your vibrator or dildo a little? Today we explore 5 fascinating materials for vibrators and dildos, and the sensations they create.

Glass Dildo

Glass dildos are ultra-smooth, and the glass dildo featured here also has four shaped balls on the end to create a variety of different sensations. Many can be heated or cooled to add a completely different dimension to your experience – the safest method is with warm or ice water; the instructions that come along with your particular product can give you more details. The model shown is quite long and slim, at around 25cm x 2.5cm.

Gold-plated Dildo

dildoIt isn’t only the physical sensation that adds to your alone time with this clitoral massager… it’s the sheer feeling of spoiling yourself, of indulging in a few moments of pure luxury. Gold-plated vibrators and adult toys, much like glass, can be heated or cooled – but very carefully so that the vibration mechanism isn’t damaged and you don’t burn yourself. This model comes with its own storage case, features five pulsation modes and is rechargeable.

Stainless Steel Dildo

Stainless steel will always feel cool against your skin, and this particular toy has plenty of surface area to enjoy… you’ll always be able to find a cold spot! One egg measures around 51mm in diameter, the other is around 45mm but has some very interesting ripples along the side. A major advantage of stainless steel as opposed to glass (and certainly compared to gold), is its cost effectiveness; however like the other materials this can be heated or cooled safely. Sensitive skin rarely has a problem with stainless steel – this is medical grade, so guaranteed not to irritate.

Anodized aluminum Dildos

Anodized aluminum is a little more personalizable than either medical grade stainless steel or gold – hence the cute birds and bees design on this vibrator! This is the only vibrator featured so far that both holds temperature, and can be used in the bath for clitoral massage. It is a slim line design, great for partnering up with one of the larger dildos above – glass and stainless steel are also bath-safe, of course. Compared to stainless steel, anodized aluminum is much lighter – for those who like a bit of agility in their adult toys.

ABS Dildos

ABS is a mix between hard plastic, elastomer and rubber, creating a very solid toy that also has a silky-smooth, natural skin sort of feel. The clitoral massager shown that is made of ABS has a delicious silky finish – almost like another person’s skin. This model of vibrator is ultra-powerful but very quiet. It’s a very budget-friendly material that feels wonderfully luxurious.

Loving and exploring yourself go hand-in-hand… try out a new material for your dildos or vibrators, and you’ll become one of the most self-aware girls you know!